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Site Updates

Grand Opening!!!(5-5-02)

Interesting Oz Facts added to "About Page"(5-22-02)

Online Shop added on "Catalog Page"(5-24-02)

Ozzy Awards Page added on "Custom2 Page"(5-26-02)

Site Menu Changed (6-11-02)

Wizard of Oz & Return to Oz Quzzes added to Info Page(7-15-02)

My Oz Collection is Comming Soon! + Numerous Site Updates, Including New Link Page.(8-17-02)

Over 1,000 visitors!(9-6-02)

Oz Newletter Now Availible for Subscription on "What's New Page"! New Oz Award we Won is now availible in the Oz award page!(11-23-02)

My Oz Collection added to site!(1-2-03)

New Wizard of Oz & Return to Oz info pages added!(2-25-03)
The Easter Egg Hunt In Oz info added to Home Page(4-15-03)

The Wizard of Oz Fan Site is now 1 Year old! We welcome your feedback on our 1st Years performance via Guestbook or E-Mail!Exclusive: PATCHWORK GIRL OF OZ film info added(5-5-03)

Anniversary Celebration Stuff taken down. I have added 2 HTML codes to the Contact page, they also link to some fun Oz stuff.(6-12-03)

New homepage image, me as the Scarecrow. Even Info Updated. Chesterton is this weekend! If you're going be sure to see me w/ Grand Marshall, Donna Stewart-Hardway leading the front of the parade!(9-17-03)

New homepage images, Scarecrow themed for the Fall. Updated bloopers on the Wizard of Oz Movie Page. New image on the Return to Oz Movie Page. Updated Links. I have pics & info on the Wizard of Oz Festival(Chesterton,IN) for anyone interested. The Extended Oz Archive Project is underway, may still be a while, this is an archive of my Oz knowledge which could not fit on this site! (11-9-03)

I recieved an e-mail from Turner Entainment today asking me to post their TBS Oz Banner, so you may have already seen it on the main page. (11-13-03)

New Christmas-Themed image on the home page, the pictures are from "A Christmas Story" which was set in Indiana in the early 1940s, explaining the Oz Characters.(12-3-03)

New homepage image, updated links, various yearly updates, new collection pics & ALOT more info coming soon.(New Year's Day)

New homepage image, updated events, corrections to the Return to Oz page.(2-11-04)

Updated Oz Events list, added new events. New pages in the works.(2-15-04)

New St. Patrick's Day Theme. If anyone can make nice banners, please e-mail me @ If anyone has a web domain/server & would be willing to help host oursite for free, please let me know.(3-12-04)

Kids can now send an e-mail to their favorite Oz characters, go to the "Oz Contact" page to find out how. (3-22-04)

New event added to event list, I tried fixing the HTML for the Oz Greeting Card maker (on the contact page) should work now, added a link to the Patchwork Girl of Oz's official site to the Patchwork Girl page, & put a new hompage image up, it is the original home page image, I put it up because of the upcoming 2nd Birthday of the site coming up next week.  The reason for the lack of updates is because I have been working on a play, that is over now & school will be ending shortly & I will then do a lot of the much-needed updating.

I cleaned up the guestbook, may take a few days before the changes are visible.  I will be updating the Patchwork Girl of Oz page when I return from vacation.  Also, I am now working in a production of the Wizard of Oz for the local Civic Theatre.  On the topic of Oz productions, Wicked, the Broadway Musical won 3 Tony Awards for Best Scenic Design, Best Lighting Design & Best Actress in a Mucical: Idina Menzel for her role as Elphaba(the Wicked Witch of the West)(6-13-04)

I have updated the links page w/ 2 new links(our new message board & Wicked World) & I put new logo pics on the Wizard of Oz & Return to Oz pages.  Please visit our new message board(link on this page), please join & tell some friends, we need lots of members to get started.(6-26-04)

No, i'm not ignoring the site.  I have been very busy working on The Wizard of Oz at the Civic Theatre that I had hardly any internet time over the summer, but i'm back, we took our final bows last Sunday.  The production was a great success, the most successful in the history of the theatre, we had a special guest opening night, Original Child Munchkin from the Movie, Donna Stewart-Hardway.  Hopefully I can get some pics loaded to the site sometime in the future.  I'm going to try to get updated pics of my collection, as I recently moved. (8-29-04)

Home page now has Christmas colored text in some parts.  With the Images you would think it was Halloween!  I haven't had time to make a Christmas banner, but if I get some downtime tomorrow I may put one up at the last minute ;)  The current photos include The Wicked Witch & I as the Emerald City Gatekeeper from when I did the Wizard of Oz in August & the Wicked Witch & I as the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz Festival in September. (12-23-04)

Hello, everyone.  There isn't much to report in the world of Oz at this time, other than some older news about the Muppets Wizard of Oz which will air in May & WICKED the Musical starts touring in March, opening in Toronto.  I tried to take off the Christmas color scheme from the homepage, but there is currently something wrong with the site editor. (1-17-05)

The Christmas color scheme is finally down.  Sorry for somewhat neglecting the site, but being an actor I get really busy.  I am really happy, I am going to see Wicked in May & this year at the Chesterton Oz Festival I will be the secondary Official Scarecrow, not exactly official yet, but my friends(Who are going to be Dorothy, Witch & Tin Man) & I get to "host" a special event for the kids at the festival.  We will also be in the parade with the great Mr. John Fricke again.  On a more site-related note:  I am currently out of ideas for adding stuff to the site, so I want YOUR input on what you'd like to see here. (3-27-05)

The Oz Collection Page is undergoing massive reconstruction.  I am currently working on opening up the Oz Online Store that never really got started, please see the Online Store Page for details.  I saw Wicked on May 31st & I have to say it was the best Broadway Musical I have ever seen & I am already planning to go back. (7-2-05)

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