Return to Oz

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Return to Oz,1985 Walt Disney Pictures

This page is about the 1985 Walt Disney Film. It includes production info, interesting facts, & film info. If you need more info or have info to add please e-mail me.

Film Info

Official Title: "Return to Oz"

Misc. Info: Rated PG(Parental Guidence)-109mins.

Production Company: Walt Disney Pictures


Nicol Williamson-Nome King

 Jean Marsh-Mombi

 Fairuza Balk-Dorothy 

 Justin Case-Scarecrow

 Brian Henson-Jack Pumpkinhead

Producer: Paul Maslansky

Director: Walter Murch

Screen Play: Walter Murch & Gill Dennis

Photographed in: Color

Currently Available From: Walt Disney DVD

 Soundtrack: Not Available (Check Ebay)

The History of Return to Oz

In 1954 Walt Disney purchased the rights to Baum's 13 Oz Sequels(The Marvelous Land of Oz-Glinda of Oz). Disney originally planned a Mouseketeer progam called "Rainbow Road to Oz", but the project was shelved. Production for "Oz" started in 1984 by the time the film was half way through production its title was changed to "Return to Oz". It was the movie that started the career of Fairuza Balk(Dorothy) she is better known for her roles in "The Craft" & "The Water-Boy". It also stared Piper Laurie(Aunt Em) & Nicol Williamson(Nome King). The film faced much contreversey from the "Darkness" of the film but it still triumphed and made its way into Walt Disney's top 25.


*Fairuza Balk was the youngest of all the girls who tried out for the part.

*In The Land of Oz Mombi was an Old Witch.

*In Ozma of Oz Langwidere was the head-hunting Princess

*Emma Ridley tried out for Dorothy but instead was cast as Ozma


*Shaggy Man
*Button Bright
*Braided Man
*The Wizard
*Ombi Amby(?)
*Notta Bit Moor or China Clown(?)

"100 Years of Oz" by John Fricke & Willard Carrol. "Return to Oz: The Darker Side of the Rainbow"