About The Marvelous Land of Oz

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About The Oz book series.

In 1900 L.Frank Baum started the Oz book series with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. It quickly became one of the most popular books ever. He soon decided to write a sequal in 1904,he then wrote one book every year from 1907-1910, when he tried to end the Oz series. But after the success of his other books was failer compared to Oz he returned to Oz in 1913 and wrote an Oz book every year till his death in 1919. Oz still lives on.

Interesting Facts.

* The Wizard of Oz was originaly titled The Emerald City,From Kansas to Fairyland, & The Fairyland of Oz.

List of Oz books The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,The Marvelous Land of Oz,Ozma of Oz,Dorothy & the Wizard in Oz,The Road to Oz,The Emerald City of Oz,The Patchwork Girl of Oz,Tik-Tok of Oz,The Scarecrow of Oz,Rinkitink in Oz,The Lost Princess of Oz,The Tin Woodman of Oz,The Magic of Oz, & Glinda of Oz.
Information supplied by "To Please A Child" by Frank Joselyn Baum & Russel P. McFall. "The Wizard of Oz 50 Anv. Pictorial History" by John Fricke,Jay Scarfone,& William Stillman. "100 Years of Oz" by John Fricke.

The History of the 1939 MGM movie.

MGM bought the rights to The Wizard of Oz in 1937. Production started fo the film in 1938. It had a great cast Judy Garland(Dorothy),Ray Bolger(Scarecrow),Jack Haley(Tin Man),Bert Lahr(Lion),Frank Morgan(Wizard) & Billie Burke(Glinda) The movie was an instant success after its release in 1939. It was rereleased many times until it was released on home video in the mid' 80's. It is the biggest reson for the success of Oz.
Information supplied by the Wizard of Oz 50 anv. Pictorial History by John Fricke,Jay Scarfone, & William Stillman. The Making of the Wizard of Oz by Aljean Harmnetz.
Interesting Oz Facts

*Judy Garland at age 16 played a 12 year old girl.

*During the filming of Munchkn Land Margaret Hamilton's Hat,Broom & Cloak caught fire & she suffered seviere 2nd & 3rd degree burns on her hands & lower face.

*Ray Bolger was oringinaly cast as the Tin Man but asked to play the Scarecrow because his childhood heroe was Fred A. Stone who played the Scarecrow in the 1902 play.

*After only a few weeks of production Buddy Ebsen became very ill from his "allumineum dust" make-up & was replaced by Jack Haley.


*When attempting to escape the Witch's Castle Dorothy & the Tin Man switch places after the Witch's door slams shut.

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The history of Return to Oz

Production for Oz started in 1984 by the time the film was half way through production its title was changed to Return to Oz. It was the movie that started the career of Fairuza Balk(Dorothy) she is better known for her roles in The Craft & The Water-Boy. It also stared Piper Laurie(Aunt Em) & Nicol Williamson(Nome King). The film faced much contreversey from the "Darkness" of the film but it still triumphed and made its way into Walt Disney's top 25.
Information supplied by Celia Foster's website Return to Oz:the Darker Side of the Rainbow.

Interesting Facts.

*Fairuza Balk was the youngest of all the girls who tried out for the part.

*In The Land of Oz Mombi was an Old Witch.

*In Ozma of Oz Langwidere was the head-hunting Princess.


*Jack Pumpkinhead,s shoes appear yellow from the time Dorothy met him till the Nome King's Mountain then they appeared as brown boots.

*Accents of the actors change throughout the movie. The accents are Brittish,Italian, & Southern.

List of Baum's other Oz Charactors in the Emerald City Celebration

*Shaggy Man
*Scraps the Patchwork girl
*The Braided Man(from The Road to Oz.)

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