My Oz Collection page 2

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Middle Shelf 1

This the 1st middle shelf in my Oz Collection cabinet. ITEMS: "The Wizard of Oz: Over the Rainbow" Troll Associations (1994), "Wizard of Oz" Honey Bear Books (1992), Wicked Witch of the West Hallmark Ornament (1996), Wicked Witch Crystall Ball Hallmark Ornament (2001), Silver Plated Tin Man Hallmark Ornament (2002), 1st Edition Wicked Witch Snow-Globe (Dave Grossman 1995), Shelia's Munchkinland, Mayor, Dorothy, Wicked Witch & Cowardly Lion (2001), Cowardly Lion Hallmark Ornament (1995), Wizard of Oz Postcard Book (1996), Swift's Oz Peanut Butter Glasses; Wizard of Oz & Scarecrow (Circa 1950s), Tin Woodman Bendy Toy (1989), "Madison Children's Classics: The Wizard of Oz (White Castle Meals 1992), Ensco Glinda Figurine (2000), Glinda Hallmark Ornament (1996), Glinda & Wicked Witch Ornament Set (1997)

Middle Shelf 2

This is the 2nd Middle Shelf in my Oz collection cabinet. ITEMS: The Wizard of Oz-Children's Classics (1991-1994), The Wizard of Oz-Clasic Publishing (1st Edition 1970), Charming Classics: The Wizard of Oz & Ruby Slippers Pendant (2001-2002), Wizard of Oz 100th Anniversary Pop-Up Book (2000), Cowardly Lion Bendy Toy (1989), 1st Edition Wicked Witch Music Box (Dave Grossman 1995), Ensco Collectable Wizard of Oz Mug (1995), Dorothy, Tin Woodman & Cowardly Lion Motion Toys (Blockbuster 1998), Shelia's Oz Gang & Emerald City (1999) & Wizard (2001), "Boyds Goes to Oz" Figurine (2000), "If I Were King" Hallmark Ornament Set (1999), Ensco Nikko Figurine (2000), Wicked Witch of the West 50th Anniversary Drinking Glass (Coca-Cola 1989), Emerald City Light-Up Snow-Globe (San Francisco Music Box Company 2001)

Bottom Shelf

This is the bottom shelf to my collection cabinet. ITEMS: "Oz: The Hundreth Anniversary Celebration"-Books of Wonder (2000), "The Rewolf of Oz"-Toto Too Inc. (2000) The Wizard of Oz-Random House (1950s-1970s), The Wizard of Oz Playing Cards (Time Unkown), The Wizard of Oz Activity Book-Dover Activity Books (2000), The Wizard of Oz-Moby Books (Circa 1976), 2nd Edition Wicked Witch Snow Globe (San Francisco Music Box Company 2000), Dorothy Hand-Puppet (Dist. Proctor & Gamble 1963), The Wizard of Oz 50th Anniversary Drinking Glass (What-A-Burger 1989), Scarecrow Motion Toy (Blockbuster 1998), Plush Tin Woodman Doll (WB 1999), Smithsonian Institute Ruby Slippers Mug (1998), Wizard of Oz Collecters Mug (1996), Lulliby League Hallmark Ornament Set (1999), Lollipop Guild Hallmark Ornament Set (1999), Coroner & Mayor Hall Mark Ornament Set (1998), Ensco Mayor, Coroner, & Wicked Witch Figurines (2000)

1998 Reissue Poster

This poster was released in 1998 for the reissue of the Wizard of Oz in theaters, it also one of the most common Oz Posters.

Oz Dolls

The top set of dolls was released in 1989 by Multi Toys Corp. The bottom set was released in 1995 by Sky Kids Inc. The 2 sets are for the most part identical, the difference is minor paint jobs & clothing & different boxes.

Oz Toys

Different Oz toys. LEFT-TO-RIGHT: "Dorothy & Toto Too!" doll by Warner Bros. (2000), "Dorothy & Toto" doll MIB by Mego Corp. (1974), Emerld City Playset by Mego Corp. (1974), (ABOVE EMERALD CITY) "The Wizard of Oz Game" by Cadaco Games (1973), The Wizard of Oz by Golden Books Frame Tray Puzzle (1989)

Not Pictured

Emerald City Model by Dept. 56 (2000), Wizard of Oz Collage autographed by Ray Bolger, Jack Haley, & Magaret Hamilton (Circa 1970s), Wizard of Oz Poster Book (2001), 2003 Wizard of Oz Calender, Return to Oz Poster(Pictured on Main Page), Animated Scarecrow Figure by Gemmy Industries Corp. (2001), Tin Lunchbox, Tin Wizard of Oz Poster (1989), Wizard of Oz Playset by Mattel Inc. (2001), Dorothy & Toto doll in box by Multi Toys Corp. (1989), Wizard of Oz Trivia Game, Wizard of Oz Soundtrack, Tin Woodman Heart Clock, Scarecrow & Dorothy Hallmark Ornament (2002), The Wizard of Oz Record-Book by Disneyland Records (1976), "Over the Rainbow", "If I Only Had a Brain", "If I Only Had a Heart", & "If I Were King" Knowel's Collectors' Plates (1976-1979), Wizard of Oz Promotional Book (1939), Wizard of Oz Poster Book (2001).