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Enjoy Browseing My Oz Collection

I am now well over 500 hundred items & I have moved since these pics were taken.  I will work on updating the pictures in my spare time.  It is probably impossible to post all, but I will definitely try to get the highlights up.

This is my Oz Collection, I have included pics & info on every item. I know some of the pics are extremely bad, I will updated them as soon as I get a new camera. You know my pic rules you can use them on your site as long as recieve credit, with these pics You MUST e-mail me & request permission. If you need info on any item or need better pics please e-mail me
Zach Allen

My Ozzy Bed

This is my bed with my Wizard of Oz Throw Pillow. Some pieces of my collection are displayed on the back. A 1995 Wizard of Oz Plastic Pale, featuring a picture of all the charecters outside the Emerald City, also featuring a picture of the Ruby Slippers on the lid. Next to the bucket is a plastic replica of the Cowardly Lion's Courage Badge. On the other side is the "Wizard of Oz: 50th Anniversary Pictorial History" book. Infront of the book is the Wicked Witches Hour Glass. All displayed infront of my custom "Zach Oz" name plate.

Oz Bookshelf

These are a few of my Oz books. LEFT-TO-RIGHT: "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: 100th Anniversary Edition" Books of Wonder(2000), "The Marvelous Land of Oz" Books of Wonder (2000), "Ozma of Oz" Scholastic (Circa 1970s-1980s), "The Emerald City of Oz" Dover Publishing (1988), "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" Whitman Publishing (1953), "The New Wizard of Oz" Nelson Doubleday Inc. (1967),"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" Dover Publishing (1960), "The Making of the Wizard of Oz" by Aljean Harmentz-First Limelight Edition (1977), "The Wizard of Oz" Baronet Books (1995), "The Wizard of Oz: On Ice" (VHS-1995), "The Wizard of Oz" MGM Home Video (1998), "Return to Oz: Anniversary Edition" Anchor Bay Home Video (1999), "The Green Star of Oz" by Roger S. Baum-Toto Too Inc.(2001-1st Edition-Autographed), "100 Years of Oz" Stewart, Tabori, & Chang Publishing (2000).

1966/1989 Re-Release Poster

This poster was originaly designed for the 1966 reissue, but was made availible for purchase in 1989. The poster features Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, & Lion in front. In the top right corner is The Wicked Witch above the Tornado. In the top left is the Emerald City & Glinda in her buble. A puzzlement to collectors about this poster is the fact, the land outside the Emerald City is all dirt/brown rather than grass or poppies.

Official Proclomation of the Lollipop Guild

This is a certificate of Proclomation to the Lollipop Guild, signed by Jerry Maren with a picture of the Lollipop Guild at the bottom.

Oz Dolls & Action Figures

On the shelf ae the 2000 Wizard of Oz Barbie dolls. LEFT-TO-RIGHT: Lion, Tin Woodman, Dorothy, Scarecrow, & Glinda. In front are the Munchkin dolls, that go with the set, Lulliby Girl, Lollipop Kid, & Mayor, you can probably see have 2 Mayors & 2 Lollipop kids. On top of each doll is a figureine of the same charecter, the Witch is on top of the Lulliby girl. In the front with their legs dangling over the side are action figures of the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, & Lion made by Sky Kids Inc. (1989-1995), the matching Dorothy & Glinda are on each end of the shelf.

Oz Ornaments

These are the 2000 Warner Bros. Shop Ornaments. LEFT-TO-RIGHT: The Wizard's Baloon with all the charecters in the basket, Tin Woodman holding his heart, & Dorothy holding Toto inside the Rainbow.

"Oz on TV" Display

In the far left corner is a porcelain Tin Woodman (Circa 1960s-1970s), leaning against it is the 1999 MGM DVD of "The Wizard of Oz", on the other side of the Tin Woodman is a 1998 Tin that came with gummy "Oz Friends",On the other side is the 1996 Rubee Costumes Company's Tin Man mask, in the center is "The Wizard of Oz: Deluxe Edition". All displayed on my console TV.

The Wizard of Oz: Deluxe Edition

This is the "Wizard of Oz: Deluxe Edition" & all its contents. 3 mini-replicas of theatrical posters, 3 publicity stills, the continuity script, Special edition WB "Wizard of Oz" DVD, & a collectors case.

1st Day of Issue Stamp

This is 1 of a very limited amount of 1990 Wizard of Oz Stamps framed along with an envelope stamped of the 1st day of issue, March 23, 1990.

1949 Wizard of Oz Poster

This Wizard of Oz poster was released during the time(1949) in which MGM was trying to sell the film to adults, this poster is 1 of the few which featured the 16 year old Judy Garland or Ozzy content. The poster features all the key charecters & inside each letter is a black & 1 color cartoon depiction of a scene in the film.

3 Oz Photos

(TOP) A postcard of the Wicked Witch & Nikko watching through the Crystal Ball.
(MIDDLE) Photo of the 4 charecters as they exit the woods & see the Emerald City for the 1st time.
(BOTTOM) Return to Oz postcard that was came with the Anniversary Edition of the film.

Honorary Child Munchkin Certificate

A Certificate of an "Honorary Child Munchkin" with an autograph & message from my friend Donna Stewart-Hardway.

Witch's Castle Pics

These are publicity stills from the Witch's Castle.

Top Shelf

This is the top shelf of my collection cabinet, some stuff is not pictured due to problems with my camera. ITEMS: Complete set of 2000 Wizard of OZ TV Guides, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, Lion, & Toto of 2000 Wizard of Oz Ensco Figurines, 2001 Ensco Dorothy mug, "Companion Library"-The Wizard of Oz & The Jungle Book, The Wizard of Oz-"American Best Sellers" (Time Unknown), Wizard of Oz Comic Strip (2002 by Frank & Ernest), Toto Hallmark Ornament(2001), Tin Man's Heart Hallmark Ornament, Scarecrow Hallmark Ornament (1995), Shelia's Scarecrow & Tin Woodman Figureines (2001), 1st Edition Scarecrow Music Box (Dave Grossman 1994-1995), Miss Gulch Hallmark Ornament (1996), Dorothy Hallmark Ornament (1995), Wicked Witch Action Figure (Sky Kids 1989-1995)